Four Ways to Keep Your Gutters Clean

Four Ways to Keep Your Gutters Clean

Fall leaves sure are gorgeous; social media is flooded with pictures of the horizon this time of year for a reason! When it comes to your gutters this season, though, the falling leaves are anything but lovely. They constantly assault this vital structure of your home, building up into massive clogs that can do anything from stain your siding to compromise your home’s foundation.

Obviously, you must keep your gutter installation free of these debris; on top of the risks not doing so poses to the rest of your home, you want your gutters to be standing strong come spring, ready for the wet season and the meltwater. Leaving leaf litter in your gutters over winter can put serious strain on the system, leading to cracks and, in serious cases, the gutters pulling away from the fascia itself!

Ready to face the autumnal onslaught? Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors, Sauk Rapids roofing and gutter experts, is here to help. Below, you’ll find a few handy tips for keeping your gutters spick and span throughout the fall.

Consider Gutter Installation Upgrades

As aggravating as constantly-filled gutters may seem, you’re not the only one who faces this problem. Luckily, that means that gutter installers now bring you products that make debris management all the easier. They don’t just make your life more convenient, though; many also work to actively prolong the life of your gutter system.

Gutter Guards: Ever-Vigilant Protection

Also called leaf-protection products, these debris-busting devices fit over the top of your gutters, somewhat like a lid on a plastic storage box. Thanks to the small holes in them, water is allowed to pass through for your gutters to handle, while larger objects are caught in the mesh net or otherwise slide to the ground.

Gutter guards can be installed in a jiffy, making them a great investment for the homeowner who needs those leaves beat—and fast. They also come in a variety of materials, from mesh screen to plastic, meaning that there’s a product out there that’s a perfect fix for your gutter’s problem.

Seamless Gutters Make Cleaning a Breeze

If you’ve got traditional gutters, cleaning is a pain. You’re constantly digging out gunk that’s getting caught on the ridges or climbing up again to fix yet another clog. You don’t need to be at your gutters’ beck and call like this, though—just go seamless! With far fewer ridges for debris to get caught on, a seamless gutter installation is far lower maintenance than its counterpart. It’s got a whole bunch of other benefits, too; check out our gutter installer blog, “Why Buy Seamless Gutters?” for more.

Rethink Your Cleaning

No matter what kind of gutter installation you have, you’ll need to at least seasonally clear leaves and debris from it. Traditionally, this is accomplished with a ladder, a bucket, a garden spade and work gloves.

While it gets the job done, that method tends to be time consuming, not to mention exhausting. Think about how often you’d need to move the ladder or empty the bucket! While your gutters will still need to be cleaned, you don’t necessarily need to resort to drudgery. With a little bit of clever thinking and a potential investment or two, you can make this chore simple to check off your to-do list.

Get the Right Tools

If you don’t mind hauling them about, tarps spread underneath your workspace make a more-than-viable alternative to a bucket. You’ll save your arm strength and cut out the vast amounts of time you’d spend emptying. Plus, you get the immensely satisfying experience of watching debris hurtle away and land with a splat.

If you’re short on tarps, you can always have a “ground crew” to move one about while you work. Just watch where you’re tossing!

In addition to tarps, you might also invest in a lengthy garden hose or drill attachment that allows you to clean your gutters from the ground. While you’ll still need to figure out a fitting waste-disposal system, such a device can be much easier on the arms, allowing you to get the job done more quickly.

Wait For the Right Time

Nobody wants to be up on a ladder in a thunderstorm, of course. Please be safe! But what we’re really getting at here is that the recent weather can have massive effects on the texture of the debris—and how much easier it is to clean. Dried-out leaf litter, for example, can simply be swept to the ground and raked away, while detritus requires that you dig in with gloves or a shovel and a more complex disposal process.

Wait for a sunny couple of days in a streak of dry weather—one of the last “summery” afternoons of the year works well—and you’re golden.

Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors: Here to Make Exterior Management Simple

With our host of convenience-boosting, low-maintenance products, we’ll help cut down on your to-do list and get you back to enjoying the year’s final warm days. Give our Sauk Rapids office a call today at 320-252-9086.

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