How Can A New Roof Improve Your Energy Costs?

How Can A New Roof Improve Your Energy Costs?

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If you have recently noticed that your energy bills have been creeping up or it’s something you’ve noticed over a long period of time, it may be time to consider examining your roof to see if it is your primary issue. By consulting with an expert contractor, you can determine whether your roof is up-to-date or needs to be replaced to help your house maintain its optimal temperature to save you on energy costs. Though new roofs are costly, you will save money in the long run by saving exponentially on energy costs. At Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors, both metal and asphalt roofing materials, each of which has various properties that improve the energy efficiency of your home. Here, our licensed contractors will discuss how a new roof can improve your home’s energy efficiency.

The Right Material is Everything

It’s no secret that some materials are more efficient than others. At Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors, we carry two primary roofing materials, which are asphalt shingles and metal roofing materials. Both of these materials are proven to be energy-efficient in their own way, and we take pride in using them for our customers. When properly installed, asphalt materials are proven to keep the desired air inside and keep unwanted air out, which allows your HVAC system to operate at a normal level and not use extra energy sources, which drives up your home energy costs.

On the other hand, metal roofing materials are one of the most energy-efficient options in today’s market. Not only are they designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and keep the elements out of your house, but they also go above and beyond in keeping your home at your desired temperature. Basically, metal roofs provide better insulation than other roofing materials, which protect the interior of your home. Additionally, the metal naturally reflects a great deal of the sunlight that hits your home, which prevents it from being absorbed into your home, which makes your cooling system work harder. By doing your research and finding an energy-efficient roofing material, you can lower your home’s energy costs.


Another factor that can impact how energy-efficient your home is the color of your roof. While color doesn’t necessarily make or break how energy-efficient your home is, it certainly has an influence. The materials you choose for your new roof are the main factor in how energy-efficient your roof is. However, some darker roofing materials have been shown to absorb more of the Sun’s light, which inevitably causes your HVAC system to work harder. This does not hold true for all dark roofing materials, though. Darker materials that are approved by ENERGY STAR can sometimes be more energy-efficient than lighter colored materials that were not designed to meet certain standards.

New Insulation

When you install a new roof, you will get the opportunity to invest in new insulation, which can make a major difference in the energy efficiency of your roof. While it is not the primary factor in deciding just how energy-efficient your roof can be, it is important to understand what the right insulation can do for your home. Insulation is designed to control whatever air gets through your roofing materials. Because no roof is invincible, air will inevitably get through, but with the right insulation and proper installation, the insulation will be able to prevent that unwanted air from entering your home and disturbing your desired temperature. Once you’ve chosen the perfect new roof for your needs, we will be happy to line you up with a great insulation contractor.


Most products today are made to exceed energy standards and lower costs for the property owners. Many roofing materials and other house products are now designed to meet ENERGY STAR’s ratings. ENERGY STAR has a variety of different products that are proven to reduce energy costs. Owens Corning, our provider of asphalt shingles, carries a variety of ENERGY STAR rated shingles that we use when our clients request them. These products are proven to reduce energy costs more so than other materials.

Additionally, our metal roofing supplier, Fabral, also uses ENERGY STAR’s standards on several of their products. If you choose these products for your home, we will be more than happy to install them for you. At Tony’s, we put your needs above all else and will help you find the products from our suppliers that match your budget, your efficiency goals, and everything in between. To learn more about each of our products and how they can help you improve energy efficiency at your home, contact us today.

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