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Are you interested in repairing Vinyl siding will enhance your home’s curb appeal, which can increase the value of your home. At Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors, our team of licensed, certified contractors will sit down with you to establish a budget and discover what you want for your design to find the best material for you.

Since we opened for business in 1973, we have built a wonderful reputation on hard work and successful projects. We treat everyone as our neighbor, and will work with you to address any concerns you may have before completing your project. We often recommend vinyl siding because of its versatility and cost-efficiency. Here, our team will discuss vinyl siding more in-depth.

The Benefits of Vinyl Siding

When you come to our team at Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors for your vinyl siding repair, installation, or replacement needs, you can count on quality customer service and expert material handling. We use a variety of different siding materials based on our customers’ needs. Our contractors will explain the benefits of each material for you to help you decide what is best for your home’s exterior.

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Better Durability

Vinyl siding is one of the most durable products on the market. This is especially important in the harsh Minnesota winter weather and the strong summer thunderstorms. Vinyl siding is extremely durable and is proven to hold up better when exposed to the elements. Vinyl siding is less likely to warp, peel, fade, or crack. Our licensed contractors will properly install your vinyl siding, so it lasts for years and needs very little maintenance.

Energy Efficiency

While most products are designed to be energy efficient in today’s world, vinyl siding is the top-tier material. With how it is designed, vinyl siding does better than any other material in repelling outside air and trapping air within the home. Through multiple studies, vinyl siding has been proven to reduce almost every single user’s energy bill some by upwards of 50%.


Through years of research, it has been proven that vinyl siding has a longer lifespan than metal and wood siding options. Due to this, vinyl siding is better for the environment because it needs to be replaced less often, which means it is more sustainable.

Many Customizations

Vinyl siding comes with a variety of style and design options. This type of siding has nearly unlimited design options, which include a variety of colors, styles, patterns, textures, and more. Additionally, our siding contractors will custom order your siding, so it matches the exact specifications of your home.


Vinyl siding is just as durable, if not more than other types of siding. However, it has a lower initial cost than other types of siding, which makes it extremely affordable for most homeowners. While every type of siding comes at a cost, vinyl siding is more durable than other types, which means you will spend less on maintenance costs over the life of the siding.

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If you are in the St. Cloud, Minnesota area and looking for vinyl siding contractors, contact our team at Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors today. We treat every customer like our neighbor, and we will do what we can to get you the products and materials you need at a price you can afford.

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