How to Make Sure Your Windows Can Withstand the Winter

How to Make Sure Your Windows Can Withstand the Winter

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You only need to mention offhandedly that you live in Minnesota and an out-of-state stranger’s eyes will grow wide. “Doesn’t it get cold there?” they may ask. It sure does, but that’s why you make sure that you—and your home—have prepared yourselves adequately and are, year after year, ready to take on some snowdrifts.

Have you ever considered winterizing your windows? It’s all too normal to forget to do so. Compared to your roof or your deck, your windows don’t seem like they need that much attention to prepare for winter. If a window breaks due to winter-related hazards, sure, the inside of your home might get a little chilly, but that’s nothing compared to the damage that, say, caved-in roofing can cause.

Though in certain circumstances all of this may be the case, winterizing your windows should still be a priority for a number of reasons.

3 Reasons to Winterize Your Windows

  1. To save money.

Say a window breaks. You’re now faced with higher energy bills as your HVAC system strives and strains to keep up with the new draft. If the problem is severe enough that there actually is glass broken, you’re now letting snow into your home, opening your furniture up to moisture damage.

Indoor furniture, of course, is not meant to be exposed to the elements, let alone a dusting of snow! You could be thus on the line for large repair or replacement costs if the problem persists. With the potential heightened energy expenditures combined with the potential for furniture breakage, of course you should consider—no, tack onto the to-do list—winterizing your windows.

  • To increase the lifespan of your windows.

In love with your current casement windows or bay windows? If not, it might be time for window replacement, but if you are, it’s best to batten down their hatches, so to speak, for the winter weather ahead.

Windows left unattended to fend for themselves certainly won’t last as long; it’s common sense. Thus, if you adore how your home looks as far as windows are concerned, don’t take it for granted; put the work in to keep it that way.

  • To reduce stress.

A window breaking, a frigid home, and increased energy bills—those things are certainly not pleasant. Your family probably will be going stir-crazy enough as it is, what, with a global pandemic still circulating and the decreased outside time winter makes for in the first place. Do everything you can to keep your family happy and relaxed this winter, and start with taking care of your windows.

No doubt you’re now aware of the importance of window winterization. It can make the difference between a stress-free winter and one fraught with bills, breakages, and strife. But if you are in need of new windows, Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors is more than happy to provide! With our fast, talented, and nearly-all-in-house team, we’ll have your home fixed up in a jiffy.

How to Keep Your Windows in Good Condition for the Winter

Keeping your windows healthy is simple, especially with the following tips:

  • Consider storm windows. While they can be poor insulators as far as temperature is concerned, these devices can help stop air from moving back and forth, from the inside to the outside and vice versa.

In other words, you’ll experience fewer drafts. If you’re experiencing some major drafts already, though, it’s time to get new windows, but storm windows can be useful in a pinch. They can help your HVAC system stay strong through the colder months and thus save you money.

Again, though, many kinds, given their poor insulating abilities, are no substitute for professional window installation and new windows if you’re in need of them.

  • Caulk your windows around the exterior. Caulk is a material available in a paste-like form from many hardware and home-improvement stores. It dries solid, rendering it a great solution if your windows have a couple gaps around their trim (which they shouldn’t, if they were installed properly and recently).

Caulk isn’t a permanent solution; it’s not recommended that you calk over old calk, so if you’ve got a whole lot of maintenance to do, it might just be cheaper and less stressful to opt for window replacement. If you’re going the caulking route, though, make sure to choose a high-quality brand that’s fit for exterior use.

  • See if weatherstripping is an option. While applying this product can be quite the task (you probably want to give your window frames a good scrubbing beforehand so it sticks), it can, in the right circumstances, help keep your home warm and squeeze the last remaining months of usability out of your windows. However, no amount of weatherstriping will save you if you’re in need of window replacement.

Contact Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors for Window Replacement

Time for new windows? We’ve got you covered. Enjoy quiet winter days in cozy, well-lit comfort this season and give our Sauk Rapids office a call now at 320-252-9086.

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