5 Things to Consider When Choosing Windows for Your Home

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Windows for Your Home

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If you’re looking into window replacement and professional window installation, you might think the upcoming appointments will be pretty straightforward. Show the window contractors where you want your windows, and they should be able to work from there, right?

Whether you’re looking for casement windows or double-hung windows, the job should be straightforward—just replace the current ones with one that will fit. But, everything will go more smoothly if you have an idea of what kind of windows you want before getting started.

As a team of professional window contractors in Sauk Rapids, we want to simplify the process for you. But, there are many things to consider, such as shape, size, frame, and brand. We want to figure out precisely what you’re looking for, as this is another way we make sure you get what you’re looking for from us!

Perhaps window installation is best approached in a multifaceted manner because windows serve multiple purposes. Indeed, they do much more for your home than simply letting in light!

Read on to see why it’s essential to work with a contractor that helps you choose your windows carefully, as well as what type of frames we recommend.

What You Need to Know: Choosing Windows for Your Home

Just how, though, should you go about picking your windows carefully? Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors is here to help you make the right choice.

Our experienced Sauk Rapids team is almost all in-house. Combine that with our decades spent in the industry, and you can rest easy knowing you’ll be on the receiving end of some quality, attentive service.

First, we recommend a consultation with us, of course, so that we may better serve your window-related needs and provide tailored advice.

We also recommend perusing our site and checking out all the different types of windows available. Learning to at least speak the window lingo can get you ahead of the game.

Different Windows Have Unique Features & Benefits

When it comes to windows, you have a wide range of options. While brainstorming before your consultation, be sure to keep in mind and ask yourself the following questions.

Natural Light Exposure

Some rooms, like living rooms, are better suited with massive picture windows, while other places, like bathrooms, might feel more rightfully private with a smaller kind.

Every spot in your home shines brightest under various degrees of light, as paradoxical as that phrase may seem, so keep in mind the larger “context” of where your windows will go. Of course, feel free to discuss this with us once we meet, but making sure your ideas are feasible given a room’s given purpose will significantly streamline the window installation process.

Energy Efficiency

Many homeowners opt for window replacement because their older models aren’t helpful for the environment – or their pocketbooks. Modern windows generally boost energy efficiency.

Be sure to ask what kinds of energy certifications your windows-of-choice have garnered (ENERGY STAR certification being a well-known example). While such labels are a good indication the window is eco-friendly, they aren’t the only indication.

Should your window of choice lack recognition by major organizations, ask what specifically the window can do to help you save on your HVAC bills, as well as what it does to keep the planet cool.Your window contractor’s answer can tell you a lot!

Window Frames

While wood windows, for example, might give off a rustic charm, they’re high-maintenance and vulnerable to rot and insect damage, which ultimately steers many homeowners away from them.

Every home and the owner who lives inside are different, but if you’re unsure of what window type is right for you, vinyl is generally a solid choice. It can be made to fit with various home aesthetics, never requires repainting, and stands up to moisture. It’s also practically impervious to the insect infestations that can take wood windows down. All that, and they’re affordable to boot!

Window Styles

The functionality of your windows is extremely important. You want to know that the windows will let in enough light and that the frames are strong enough to last for years. But, how the windows and frames look also matters, especially if you are meticulous about home design.

For example, if you have a Victorian-style home, you’ll want windows with an old-fashioned flair, even if they are completely new. On the other hand, contemporary homes with modern finishes may look better with sleeker windows. If you have questions about the right design style for your windows, our experts can assist you and provide some ideas. We want to ensure you are happy with what you pick!

Finding a Qualified Window Contractor

Finally, you’ll want to know the windows will last as long as possible through good installation techniques. At Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors, we are committed to providing top-quality home exteriors. We have over 40 years of experience and will answer any questions you might have about our installation process. So, feel free to reach out if you’d like to learn more about how we ensure excellence in everything we do.

At Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors, we offer a variety of windows so you can find the right look for your home. We install four main types of windows, all of which can be turned into egress windows for your basement or a different secluded area of your home.

Some of our many window types include bay windows, casement windows, double-hung windows, and slider windows.

Contact Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors for Window Installation

Now that you know what to consider when choosing windows for your house, it’s the perfect time to talk to an expert roofing contractor who can help you narrow things down.

If you need help selecting long-lasting, high-quality windows and frames, we’re here to help. Give our Sauk Rapids location a call now at 320-252-9086.

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