Condensing the Facts

Tony's Lifetime Exteriors (Sauk Rapids, MN) knows that window condensation is a big concern among homeowners. We are here to help you condense the facts on condensation! First and foremost, understand that most times, condensation has nothing to do with your windows, and everything to do with the amount of humidity in your home. Reducing humidity is the key to reducing condensation. Seeing condensation on your windows is an indication that there is too much humidity in your home, and windows just make it easier to spot, being the coldest surface in your home. Condensation on windows means condensation in your walls, which causes another host of issues. Airing out your home, using a dehumidifier, minimizing indoor plants, and running exhaust fans can all help cut down on humidity in your home. When you have questions, trust the professionals. Call Tony's Lifetime Exteriors at (320) 252-9086 for more information.

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Thursday, 05 December 2019

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