Five Reasons to Make Your Next Career Change to Construction

Five Reasons to Make Your Next Career Change to Construction

If you’re one of the many looking to shake up their nine-to-five, a job working for a roofing company, siding pro, or gutter installation team could be your next great move. We at Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors would know, as we’re hiring! A job in this industry has many perks, as well as a great outlook even during unsteady times.


Below, we’ll dive into all the great things about working for a company like us, from the great nature of the work itself to the positive predictions that are widely shared about the industry as a whole.


Steady Work


As long as homes keep being built, they will need gutters, roofing, and siding; that means that if you gain the skills the industry requires, you’ll be able to find work, no question about it. Construction isn’t like other industries wherein sudden trends or demands can lead to workers being left in the dust. While new technology and machinery in construction definitely require new skills, which you can learn if you choose, the bread-and-butter standards like gutter installation or storm damage repair will not become obsolete any time soon.


We at Tony’s are particularly good at retaining our workers, too. Many of our employees have stayed with us since we started business in the 70s. We also boast a nearly entirely in-house team, which grants additional stability of work to those looking for employment. We treat our workers so well that we’re sure you won’t be going anywhere!


Get Out of Your Desk


Want a job and a workout all at once? Skip the gym and do construction! While the industry is broad and has many different occupations, many of them do involve some form of physical work. If it’s been in your New Year’s resolution to get fit and get healthier, in addition to finding a new job, then learning roofing, gutters, or siding may just be right for you.


The mental perks of having a hands-on job are significant, also. According to Walden University, exercise decreases stress, can boost self-esteem, and even can prove effective in combating anxiety and depression. While you don’t get to reap these benefits sitting in an office all day, the physical nature of working for a roofing company or siding contractor means that they inherently come with the job.


What’s great about construction work is that you don’t even need to think about the exercise you’re doing. No more battling yourself to get to the treadmill or drive to the gym; your employment takes care of everything!


Get Started Quickly


Construction, be it roofing, siding, gutters, or something else entirely, tends to follow an apprenticeship model, according to Build Your Future, a campaign that works to provide education about careers in the construction field. This means that you get to go to work as soon as you decide that a given trade is for you—under the watchful eye of a superior, of course, who will teach you everything you need to know and make sure the job gets done right.


Of course, this isn’t the rule; some positions do require some schooling. Generally, though, they’re short two-year degrees, which amounts to roughly the same amount of time as the apprenticeship would.


In an age where more and more careers require a four-year degree plus internships to even be interviewed for an entry-level position, being able to get your foot in the door quickly is a smart economic choice.


A Booming Industry Outlook for Workers


No question about it: construction jobs are currently in high demand. According to Hub International, “It’s likely that the labor shortage in construction will worsen in 2022, which presents more than an issue of delayed projects, but survival.” Macroeconomically speaking, the company also states that the construction industry needs 1 million new workers by 2024.


There are many reasons for this shortage, one of which being that the housing market is hot right now. Regardless, experts predict that the industry will continue to experience its labor shortages into the future, which means that job prospects will be ripe for the picking for those looking to make their mark. Learning a construction trade like seamless gutters can thus equip you for steady work and work that is becoming increasingly easier to find.


Real-World Satisfaction


It’s something that’s missing from a lot of jobs, as more and more work is accomplished digitally: the satisfaction that comes from making something tangible with your own two hands. With an exterior contractor job, you get to watch a project unfold in the real world, then see with your own eyes the happiness you bring to homeowners after you’ve finished repairing or renovating their space.


Be it window installation or siding work, a job in construction lets you do real work for real people and experience the sense of pride, accomplishment, and fulfillment that comes with it.


Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors Is Actively Hiring!


Ready to work for a renowned Sauk Rapids roofing company and exterior contractor? Our tight-knit team is currently looking to fill a variety of roles. For employment inquiries, reach our office now at 320-252-9086.



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