How to Know if it Is Time for New Windows

How to Know if it Is Time for New Windows

Windows are often an afterthought to many homeowners who are looking to upgrade or renovate their home. The roof of siding contractors or a roofing company, they reason, will add more value to their home, help to reduce energy costs, and keep the interior temperature more stable, not to mention be a bigger aesthetic improvement. As long as a home’s windows aren’t obviously in disrepair, why bother with exterior facets that take up such a relatively small surface area?

As window installers ourselves, we at Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors are here to say that this part of your home should never be overlooked when it comes to its renovation potential. Window replacement can do just as much as can siding installation or roof repair in terms of, well, all the reasons for the latter two we stated above.

  • Replacing your windows with a better model can keep your home cozy. Though it may not seem like it at first thought, modern and well-maintained windows are actually excellent insulators. Forget draftiness and chill! Double-pane and triple-pane windows use a space between the panes to create more distance between your home’s interior temperature and whatever squalling or scorching situation is going on outside. To further help maintain your home’s environment, these spaces are often filled with harmless insulating gasses, such as Argon or Krypton. Indeed, modern windows are quite the engineering marvel, and models that are specifically made to be good insulators can help your home’s temperature stay stable.
  • Windows can indeed make a big style statement. While windows may not take up as grand an area as roofing or siding, they still contribute to your home’s look—and they do so in just as grand a way. Window frames often differ sharply with other exterior items on your home; it’s not very often you see window frames that are the exact same color as a house’s siding! Through the use of contrast, they naturally draw the eye of the passerby, making new frames a great choice if you’re looking to boost curb appeal.
  • Windows can help cut energy costs. Because contemporary models are so good at keeping your home’s temperature steady, they’re also good at lowering your energy bills. It’s just common sense! If you really want to save some cash, look for models that are ENERGY STAR qualified.

As you can see, you shouldn’t shortchange window replacement before you’ve fully considered the benefits—of which there are many. Depending on your home’s circumstances, they could even do more than a siding renovation or a new roof!

While the only way to tell for sure if this is the case is to get a professional exterior contractor out onto the premises, you may still find yourself wondering if new windows are right for you. Is your home like one of the many we’ve seen that’s functioning could be revolutionized by window replacement?

Almost Any Home is a Good Candidate for Window Replacement

The window industry is constantly evolving and innovating, with new models—such as triple-pane windows—always bringing along better functionality than their predecessors. That’s why we at Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors know that nearly any home or business could benefit from new windows. But who’s an especially good candidate?

  • Homes whose windows are single-pane. Double-pane and triple-pane windows possess such a strong insulation factor that single-pane windows just can’t compare. While the latter is rarely seen in homes anymore, it used to be the norm in older years, so if your home is especially aged consider checking out your windows to see if they’re woefully under-paned.
  • Homes with wood-frame windows. We at Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors don’t recommend this frame type, no matter if it’s around a bay window, egress window, or something else entirely. Wood’s high maintenance requirements and vulnerability to rot and mold make it a poor choice for a vast majority of homeowners. Face it: you’re busy. You don’t have time to sit around and babysit your windows! If your wood-frame windows are causing you woes, Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors is more than happy to offer an alternative.
  • Homes whose windows are old. “Old” is a subjective term; certain window brands will last longer than others, and regular maintenance will help any window stay sound. However, generally speaking, if your windows are getting into their teens, replacement may not be far on the horizon.

Contact Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors for Winter-Smart Window Replacement

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you can’t have your windows redone—nor that doing so has to be uncomfortable. By working room by room and thus isolating cold areas, the team at Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors makes the process stress-and-shiver-free. Plus, with our long history of great service, you know you’ll be getting the help of a window company you can count on. Give our Sauk Rapids office a call today at 320-252-9086.


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