How to Pick the Right Door for Your Project

How to Pick the Right Door for Your Project

Doors may seem like a comparatively minor exterior renovation when held up to, say, the work of a roofing company or siding contractors—both in terms of size and in impact. How could something so modest and relatively affordable even dream of standing up to those big-ticket items?

But you shouldn’t underestimate the humble entry door; changing one out can pack a bigger punch than you think! From improved energy efficiency to shifting the vibe of your entire porch space, this tiny rectangle of material is much more powerful than even many window contractors, who tend to also specialize in them, let on! In fact, Fortune Builders, a real estate investment and business education site, ranks a front door refresh first in its top nine list of home investments with high ROIs; it comes in at a whopping 101.8 percent!

But to maximize the potential for your new door, be it in curb appeal or energy efficiency, it needs to be perfectly suited for that purpose and project—and Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors, your entry door installation pros, is here to help. Below, you’ll learn about a few considerations to keep in mind before your new door meets its hinges.

What’s the Best Material?

Entry doors come in all sorts of materials, from wood to fiberglass-composite and everything in between. With so many options, how are you ever to settle? We’ll make it easy; hands-down, the entry door material we recommend for practically any application is steel, for the various reasons discussed below.

Steel Is Tough

Just like our metal roofing, steel entry doors are so strong that they hardly will ever come up under the weather. What’s physically stronger than metal, after all? Their strength comes in handy when it comes to maintaining your door’s appearance, sure, but it also is a robust deterrent when it comes to preventing crime since they’re nearly impossible to damage.

Steel Is Energy Efficient

Again, just like their metal roofing counterparts, steel doors are a wise choice in relation to energy, and thus gentle on the environment, too. The variety we install is filled with dense polyurethane foam, which keeps extreme outdoor temperatures out. In addition, because steel doors are so strong, you’re unlikely to experience breakages that would massively reduce their energy efficiency, making them a great long-term decision.

Steel Is Lovely Looking

Metal might not be associated with classical good looks, but steel entry doors are a different story altogether. They come in a seemingly countless array of styles and finishes, from stately to modern—even that of embossed wood! And again, thanks to the material’s strength, you’re incredibly unlikely to see this beauty fade, so if you’re in it for the long haul with your home, a steel door is a wise aesthetic choice.

What Color Is Best?

Color, color, color—isn’t that a question for the ages. It’s a hefty decision to grapple with, as your entry door is often the first thing both passersby and visitors alike see when they approach your home. There’s no definitive answer for what color is best, as opinion is subjective, but you can check out this article from HomeBNC for some inspiration.

One thing to consider when picking your front door: know that you can afford to go a little wilder with colors here. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see higher-end homes with ruby red doors or those in another similar, sassy shade. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t take matching into consideration, of course, but just take into account that your front door is a great spot to express a bit of personality if you want to go a bit bolder.

As far as matching goes, your entry door installer can help you assess your home as a whole and pick a shade that works best for the entire presentation. Your front door, as your home’s visual focal point, must harmonize with your roofing, siding, windows, and more. You’ll need a pro to make sure everything checks out!

What Style Is Best?

Color and style have similar requirements when it comes to front doors; you’ll want to ensure the style of the entry door and the rest of your home match. That being said, it can be a smidge trickier to decide if the message your front door sends stylistically is the same as the rest of your home; it’s often simpler to sense if a couple of colors clash!

You may consider taking inspiration from other homes around the neighborhood, as they most likely are similar in architectural design and vibe to yours. If that isn’t an option, the internet also offers a wealth of possibilities.

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