How to Pick Windows That Match Your Home’s Style

How to Pick Windows That Match Your Home’s Style

When looking into window replacement, style might not be the top thing on your mind. Your old, dilapidated windows are probably causing you a whole host of troubles right now, from drafts to sky-high energy bills. Fixing that, you may reason, is more important than fixing how they look!

While we at Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors totally understand—a house in need of window installation is not a comfortable house at all—we’re also here to remind you that style is important when it comes to this type of home renovation. Picking the right type of window from an aesthetic standpoint is crucial to your satisfaction with this substantial investment.

Windows impact how you perceive your home, inside and out.

On the outside of a building, windows break up what would otherwise be monotonous swaths of siding, adding visual interest and harmony. On the inside, windows are the primary, if not sole, factor that influences how much natural light enters a given room. In either case, it’s undeniable that they influence the way you perceive, feel about, and interact with your home, for better or for worse.

The right window style fits with your family’s way of life.

Picking the right window style is important not from only a visual standpoint, but from a lifestyle standpoint, too. Certain window types, such as casement windows, are able to be open and shut, while others, like picture windows, consist of a fixed pane of glass.

If your family enjoys hot summer temperatures, they might prefer the former, but if they normally have the air conditioning on during that time you might not have as much use for that particular functionality. Selecting a window style that fits with your family allows you to reap replacement windows’ full comfort-providing benefits, whatever that means for you.

Window styles can boost—or destroy—curb appeal.

If you were to put your home on the market, it’s not only the interior ambiance windows help to create that potential buyers will notice; it’s how they affect your exterior, too. Seeing as they probably won’t want to replace windows that have just been purchased, your new windows better be appealing!

Indeed, style matters when it comes to windows; they’re more than just simple panes of glass! The right look can make you more comfortable in your home in many ways, and it also has a drastic effect on the interest of potential buyers. That’s why, when you’re shopping for window replacement, you should always keep looks in mind.

But how do you pick the right style of windows for your home? The word style is so subjective. What may appeal to you might not appeal to the passerby or potential buyers. What should you prioritize, and how do you know if what you select will match with your home’s overall look?

A Basic Window Style Guide

Understanding, generally speaking, what style your home pays homage to is a great first step in picking windows to match. However, be aware that it’s not an exact science, as all homes are unique and labels can too be as subjective as styles. You might find information on what archetype your home takes after writing into its real-estate ad if applicable, or by looking into architectural trends in your area.

A few common home styles and their window counterparts include:

  • Cape Cod homes, which feature simple, yet pleasing architecture and tend to look great with double-hung windows.
  • Ranch-style homes, which tend to be low to the ground and rather sprawling and are well-accompanied by casement windows.
  • Craftsman homes, which often showcase thick architectural pillars and work well with both casement windows and double-hung windows.

This is just a glimpse of architectural styles, of course, and your home may fit into a variety of categories or be the epitome of a single one. By taking inspiration from these categories, however, you can use your windows to create a home that appeals to anyone who lays eyes on it. These architectural trends became trends for a reason, after all!

Taking Your Family’s Style Into Account

The family that lives within a given home is an important part of what gives that home its “style” and presence, so make sure to keep utilitarian features in mind, too. If your family loves the feeling of fresh air, consider contemporary sliding windows. If you prefer consistent control over your interior environment or don’t want to worry about if you left the windows open or not, perhaps a picture window might be more your speed.

A lived-in home inevitably takes on characteristics of its owners. By understanding your family’s lifestyle and how they tend to use your home’s features, you can pick a window style that simplifies your time spent there.

Contact Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors for Comfort-Oriented Window Installation

By working room-by-room, we keep your family warm and safe during wintertime window installations, and our variety of styles available make us your one-stop-shop for all of your window replacement needs. Give our Sauk Rapids office a call today at 320-252-9086.


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