Metal Roofing: 5 Things to Know Before Installation

Metal Roofing: 5 Things to Know Before Installation

No longer just for industrial purposes, metal roofing is taking the residential world by storm. Its sleek, modern appearance lends itself to a variety of architectural designs, and its unbeatable durability makes it a popular choice with homeowners who need a product that lasts. As incredible as metal roofing is, though, it’s not for everyone! Like any exterior renovation, it deserves careful consideration before you hire a roofing company to install it.

There’s a right roof for every family, and Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors is here to help you find yours. Below, we’ll discuss a few important things to know before you decide on this material for your newest exterior renovation.

Your Home Won’t Need to Look Bland and Industrial

Many people associate metal roofing with small industrial businesses off the beaten path of their town, but metal roofing has worked hard to shed this image. Because it comes in a variety of colors, for one, it can do a fine job of harmonizing with your existing exterior design and of making your home feel like, well, a home.

Household roofing tends to be sloped, too, adding to metal roofing’s residential flair. Pole barns and other buildings that use this material tend to have flat tops, giving these buildings the boxier feel that so many people associate with their purpose. Instead, metal roofing for homes more closely adheres to traditional ideas surrounding residential design, thus shedding the “industrial” look entirely.

When We Say Metal Roofing Is “Tough,” we Mean it

All roofing materials are tough; why else would they be trusted to be on the front lines of your home’s defense from the elements? That being said, in terms of durability, metal roofing tends to sit comfortably on top of the list for a variety of reasons.

Metal Roofing Is Strong Against Leaks

When properly maintained, this roofing material can more than stand its ground against storm damage and the consequential leaks. It is exceedingly durable physically—what’s tougher than metal, after all? Indeed, metal roofing can boast an exceedingly long lifespan when installed correctly, sometimes beating out other roofing materials twice over.

That being said, you’ll only maximize the strength of your metal roofing if you find the proper contractor. Check out our blog “How to Spot Fraudulent Roofing and Siding Contractors” for a few pointers on how to keep yourself safe during the process. You may also find benefit in learning about the “green flags” in addition to the red ones, so to speak; learn more about a few signs of a good roofer in “Three Qualities to Look for in a Minnesota Roofing Contractor.”

Metal Roofing Is Unappealing to Pests

We’ve talked quite a bit on our roofing contractor blog on keeping animals out of the attic; take our blog “How to Stop Pests From Wreaking Havoc on Your Exterior,” for example. As a metal roofing owner, though, you’ll have comparatively little to worry about in this respect, provided your roofing is well-taken care of. Metal roofing is chew-resistant, making it unappealing to squirrels and similar pests. Thanks to its physical durability, you won’t need to worry about weak spots becoming potential entrance points for attic-dwellers.

We still recommend you trim back your trees and invest in periodic roof maintenance, though. Every roof requires a little TLC if you want it to keep performing at its best.

Metal Roofing Is Great for Going Green

If you’re eco-conscious, metal roofing is a wonderful choice for your household. Not only can it significantly lower your energy bills, but it can also make for an amazingly environmentally friendly disposal process when, after many decades, you may need to replace it.

Metal Roofing Helps Save you Energy

According to the Metal Roofing Association, metal roofing is “energy-efficient due to its surface that reflects back solar radiant heat.” This, in turn, lowers cooling costs, which is quite the benefit in our harsh Minnesotan summers! It also, of course, does the environment a favor. When you use less energy to cool your home, your pocketbook isn’t the only thing that benefits; our planet does, too.

Metal Roofing Is Recyclable

Don’t like landfills? You’ll love metal roofing. It’s one-hundred-percent recyclable, meaning that your old roof won’t end up rotting away in the dump. Instead, it will see new life as another metal product. This reduces strain on the environment because it calls for fewer new resources and makes use of the ones already available.

Metal roofing also tends to contain a high degree of recycled material in the first place.

Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors: Your Sauk Rapids Roofing Experts

Thinking metal roofing might be right for you? Our team of metal roofing contractors is here to educate. Because our employees are nearly entirely in-house, we know for a fact that you’ll always have the best service around. Reach our Sauk Rapids office today at 320-252-9086.


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