Seven Reasons to Love Aluminum Decking Railings

Seven Reasons to Love Aluminum Decking Railings

When it comes to building a new deck, the railings are just as important as the footing. Not only are they a beautiful accent, but they also serve the very important function of keeping your loved ones safe while they enjoy it.

Railings are available in a wide variety of materials, one of our favorites being aluminum. Though the word may bring forth images of cans or that foil used to wrap food, it hasn’t become as popular as it has in the decking market for nothing. If you’re looking to use it to adorn anything from a wood deck to vinyl decking, it’s a smart choice—for reasons we’ll outline below.

You’ll Love Their Low-Maintenance Nature

Once aluminum deck railings have been installed, you’ll hardly need to do anything but appreciate them for the rest of the installation’s lifetime. No staining, no painting, and no fuss; that’s one of the things we love the best about it, and one of the many reasons we’re a proud provider of aluminum deck railing installations.

Even if you’re more than willing to do a little maintenance for your deck—which you should be, as it’s quite the investment—adorning it in aluminum considerably lightens that load, leaving you with more time to tend to maintenance-heavier materials like wood. No matter the reason you’re installing it, it’s a win!

Cleaning Is Easy

Of course, aluminum deck railing systems aren’t immune to a little dirt—nothing that spends its working life outdoors is! Luckily for you, though, tending to it is easy. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth or mild detergent now and again and you’re good to go. No finicky maintenance products, no fear of ruining its beautiful finish.

It’s also uncannily easy to remove even stuck-on gunk from it, requiring absolutely zero elbow grease. If you’re looking for an easy-to-care-for product, this is it.

Aluminum Decking Railing Is Lovely to Look at

It doesn’t rot, it doesn’t fade, and it lends an air of polish to any home; you can’t beat aluminum in terms of aesthetics. Rain or shine, it provides sleek and distinguished beauty to your backyard atmosphere for decades.

What’s more, its appeal is versatile. Because the material is customizable in terms of pretty much everything, it’s a fit for all sorts of exterior styles. Rustic, minimalistic, charming or modern—you name it and there’s an aluminum deck railing to fit.

Aluminum Goes With All Kinds of Decking

Worried about your aluminum decking railing clashing with your wood deck? Don’t be. Plenty of high-end homes mix the two, and because aluminum decking railings are available in so many shapes, sizes, and colors, you’re sure to find something that perfectly harmonizes with the look you’re going for. The stylistic world’s your oyster!

Aluminum Has Darn Near Unbeatable Durability

Aluminum is a metal—and because of it, it’s tough. Like we said above, it doesn’t rot, it doesn’t crack, it doesn’t fade, and because of all that aluminum decking railings will last your family for decades. If something does go wrong and your coating ends up with a hairline scratch, you can simply touch it up with specially-made products that are designed to make the job easy. Thanks to the railing’s durability, very rarely, if at all, will you need outright replacement.

Because it’s Tough, it Is a Great Long-Term Investment

Aluminum railing’s toughness benefits you in more than just looks; because it’s sturdy, it’s an amazing long-term investment if you’re looking to stay in your home.

It’s no secret that decks can get pricey—though we at Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors will always stay within the budget we are given. Long-term maintenance costs and repair and replacement prices for other materials can add up, but that can’t be said for aluminum. With a solid installation job and the product’s inherent strength, your pocketbook will remain full and your deck beautiful.

Aluminum Allows an Unobstructed View of Your Yard

A deck is supposed to be a space where you can enjoy the great outdoors, but clunkier decking materials can obscure a great deal of your lovely yard. Enter aluminum decking railing; thin and refined, it creates an open view of what you’ve worked so hard to maintain.

What’s the use of a deck if it leaves you feeling trapped in a cage? With aluminum railings, your deck will feel as though it has room to breathe, and you can fully embrace its function as a serene hangout space. Lean back in the lawn chair and gaze at the greenery or grill out with a fantastic view; you deserve it.

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