3 Winter Renovations to Schedule With Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors

3 Winter Renovations to Schedule With Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors

As a Minnesotan, you’re all too accustomed to quiet winters. When the sky is gray, temperatures are subzero and snow blocks the roads, there’s not much else to do other than curl up on the couch and wait it all out. Exterior renovations are probably the last thing on your mind right now, especially with the holiday rush!

However, if you know you need improvements done, or if your long-suffering home is finally showing signs of winter strain, you can’t afford to waste time and wait until spring; you need to get to those improvements now. Sweeping it under the rug until the weather gets warmer can lead to dire consequences. Said consequences will vary depending on the severity of the current exterior problem and where, exactly, it occurs, but they can include issues like moisture damage and mold.

Find out more about common winter risks to your home’s exteriors and learn the three main ways we can protect your home through three superior winter renovation options.

1. Year-Round Seamless Siding

During the winter, old or damaged siding can be a huge risk. It can let in drafts, lead to water damage, and much more. So, to keep your home protected, we offer seamless siding options, no matter the time of year.

As top-notch siding contractors, we know a thing or two about making our craft work in the winter. First and foremost, we keep an eye on the weather. If we’re scheduled to experience something that will interfere with the quality of our workmanship, we plan around it. Just because the weather is finicky this time of year doesn’t mean you can expect anything but the best from us. We’ve been in business providing exemplary siding since 1973, so you can rely on our experience in all siding solutions.

We’ve also invested in state-of-the-art heated seamless siding machines, which enable us to minimize cold-related hazards so that the job can be completed in a timely fashion. Not many contractors have the foresight or tools needed to tackle winter siding installation, but we at Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors are an unparalleled exception.

2. Window Installation Services

Windows need to be sealed and secure to keep your house warm during the cold weather. It’s important to upgrade your windows if they no longer keep the cold out. So, if your old windows aren’t offering enough protection anymore, we offer window installation services.

By working room-by-room, we strive to maintain your home’s temperature as we repair or replace your ailing windows. You’ll hardly even notice we’re there! Plus, we provide a wide range of window options, including bay windows, casement windows, double-hung windows, and more. This approach also helps you to save money on the additional heating costs often associated with winter work, as we only expose the necessary spaces and don’t leave your entire home unprotected at once.

Top that off with our wide variety of window types offered, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a better winter window installation pro!

3. New Door Options

Just like windows, doors also let in the cold winter weather, and they can let in Jack Frost even when closed. It’s vital to have secure doors that seal completely in their frames. Otherwise, you’ll end up spending more money to heat your home and could end up with other issues like moisture damage.

Luckily, the professionals at Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors also provide door installation options. We understand the various seasonal weather conditions in Minnesota, so we ensure all our doors are of the highest quality and installed with attention to detail.

Potential Consequences of Poor Home Exteriors in Winter

Now that you know Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors has you covered for all your wintertime home exterior needs, it’s worth noting why investing in your home is worth it. These are the potential outcomes and side effects of poorly installed or old siding, windows, and doors.

Far-Reaching Moisture Damage

Whether it’s due to a need for steel siding installation or window replacement, faulty exterior fixtures can no longer protect your home against the elements.

When snow makes its way into your home’s building envelope – a fancy term for the collective shield of sorts that protects your interior – it will melt when exposed to the heat that your household gives off. This means moisture damage, which, when left unchecked, can do serious damage to your home’s inner walls and even your furniture and window sills.

Mold Infestations

The warm, wet, and undisturbed environment created by melted snow and your home’s heat is the perfect place for mold to set up shop. Even though it’s cold, fungi don’t take the wintertime off, and they can mean some serious health issues in your family.

Plus, they’re just a general eyesore and a sign of a poorly taken-care-of house. Don’t let your home’s mold protection falter! If you need work done, call a professional now.

Expensive Repairs

Moisture damage and mold infestations are difficult problems to fix, and they always require professional help. Would you rather pay for new fixtures now, before the problem snowballs, or pay for them later on top of the remediation services you need to get the now massive issue under control? Winter is also a generally “slow” time for many contractors, so you’re likely to get better prices than you would in the busier, warmer months.

As you can see, getting needed work done in the wintertime keeps your home and family safe and saves you money. But don’t go ringing up the first exterior contractor you see! There’s a reason that wintertime is a slower season in this industry – not many professionals have the prudence or equipment to handle cold-season work without undesired “side effects.”

If proper contractor consideration isn’t taken, for example, your home’s energy costs could spike as they work due to improper exterior dismantling, and certain fixtures can break if they get too cold and the contractor handles them too roughly.

If you need winter work done, you need a contractor who understands the challenges of working in the cold, and you need one with the experience and the equipment to handle them. You need the exceptional, like Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors!

Contact Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors to Get the Best

Our Sauk Rapids team is ready to gear up and get to work at your signal. With our winter-specific precautions and our nearly entirely in-house team, you can be assured of great service and a job well done. Drop us a line today at 320-252-9086 and maintain your home so winter won’t have its way with it.


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