What Color Siding Is Right for my Home?

What Color Siding Is Right for my Home?

Modernized siding opens up a world of possibilities for your home, cosmetically speaking. Because so many siding types can be made to mimic other siding types, for instance, the final appearance of a siding installation can practically be anything you want, regardless of the material used!

While this large amount of choice and opportunity can be freeing and exciting for some homeowners, it also can cause a great deal of anxiety for others, who don’t even know where to begin narrowing down their options. Plus, since certain types of siding will have their warranties voided if painted, as we cover in our blog, there’s quite a bit of pressure to get it right the first time around.

If you’re confused on color, Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors, five-star Sauk Rapids siding company, is here to help. Below, we’ll dive into a few guiding questions that can help you get going in the right direction.

What’s Trending Right Now?

If you don’t know where to begin, taking a cue from local trends—or even industry-wide ones—can be just the inspiration you need to pick a siding color. While it’s not advisable to make the decision strictly on trends alone, as your personal tastes do matter, it can also be a smart way to go from an economic standpoint if you’re looking to sell in the near or distant future. Potential buyers can both be charmed by and convinced to pay more for a home that sports siding that’s in vogue.

So what exactly is trending in 2022? That depends on your location and ideal buyer demographics, so you’re best off consulting with a realtor for specific advice.

Industry-Wide Siding Color Trends

On a broader scale, though, the siding installation industry is seeing some trends. Black or extremely dark-colored siding hues, for example, are having a bit of a moment right now. While they aren’t a fit for every home and must be used carefully to avoid overwhelming the architecture, they can make snappy accents on more modern-style exteriors.

House Grail, a home improvement and DIY site, states in an article updated this year that yellow was a popular color for vinyl siding in 2021 and that it continues to be so in 2022. “Yellow siding adds instant curb appeal to any home, energizing the entire structure,” it writes. Additionally, “a yellow exterior can help make your house look bigger than it actually is, a useful trick people use to sell homes.”

In general, it seems like anything adventurous and out-of-the-ordinary is the name of the game this year. Homeowners appear to be getting more comfortable with the idea that a home’s exterior can reflect its inhabitants’ sense of style—so don’t be afraid to push the envelope a bit.

Classic Is Always a Win

Certain colors go well with all sorts of exterior styles and decor, simply because they’re neutral and don’t particularly clash with much. Grays, beiges, and whites fall into this category. While they might not be the boldest of choices, sometimes they don’t need to be to look amazing. If your home has a unique architectural style, for instance, or if the rest of your decor choices are on the adventurous side, classic colors can serve as a beautiful backdrop.

Be aware, though, that no color is without its adversaries; even the classics can clash when held up against certain hues and materials. Red brick pavement, for instance, doesn’t always play nice with colors that are too neutral to stand out from it visually. Your steel, LP, or vinyl siding contractors can help you choose between beloved basic shades to find one that harmonizes with the rest of your home.

What Color Is My Roof?

Next to your siding, your roofing is one of the biggest swaths of space on your home’s exterior, so it’s absolutely paramount that the two go well together, especially if you live in an HOA or are planning to sell soon.

One of the best ways to make sure the two work together is to identify where they fall on the color spectrum—if each one is warm or cool toned, respectively, because, as Designing Idea puts it, “if your roof has a warm color, it’ll most probably blend well with warm-toned siding, and a roof with cool color will look good with cool-toned siding.”

But what are warm and cool colors? It can be subjective! The Spruce states that warm colors “tend to make you think of warm things, such as sunlight and heat,” and that they consist of “orange, red, yellow, and combinations of these and similar colors.” Cool colors, on the other hand, are much more mellow and soothing—think blues, greens, purples, and the like.

Neutral colors tend to go well with colors on both sides of the spectrum. It all comes down to individual tones and tastes.

Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors: Here for you Long After the Job Is Done

Our Sauk Rapids team of roofing contractors and siding installation pros are here to help you maintain the longevity of your home—year in and year out. Reach our office today at 320-252-9086.


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