Why Buy Seamless Gutters?

Why Buy Seamless Gutters?

If you’re looking into a new gutter installation, you no doubt know the crucial role this system plays in maintaining your home. By directing rainwater away from your foundation and allowing it to drain into the soil safely, your gutters keep your basements from flooding and your walls from becoming infested with mold. Healthy gutters equal a healthy home!

When you’re looking for the perfect gutter system for your household, you’ll encounter many options and decisions to make, especially when it comes down to seamless gutters versus more traditional, sectional models. Take it from Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors: Seamless is the way to go. Innovation and an understanding of how important gutter systems can be has led to a stronger, more appealing type of gutter that is better able to serve its purpose and protect your home from damage.

Intrigued? Below, we’ll discuss why seamless gutters beat out traditional gutters and why they’re the smarter investment for your home.

Seamless Gutters: The Basics

Seamless gutters look just like their name implies: seamless. They come in long, singular pieces which are custom-cut to fit your home’s exact measurements, resulting in a sleek, clean appearance. If you’re big on your home’s curb appeal, seamless gutter installation can give you the polish you’re looking for.

Functionally speaking, seamless gutters also beat out their traditional competition.

  • Seamless gutters have less opportunities to clog. Because seamless gutters only require seams at the points at which they change direction, they have fewer places in which clogs can occur. The seams of sectional (traditional) gutters can easily catch leaves and debris, resulting in buildup and an inefficient gutter system.
  • Seamless gutters have less of a predisposition for leaks. Each and every seam on a sectional gutter system represents a structural weak point where leaks are likely to occur. Seamless gutters, in contrast, have far fewer of these weak points, resulting in a hardier system.
  • Seamless gutters are unappealing to animals. If your gutters don’t clog or easily succumb to leaf buildup, by proxy, animals have less material to use for nesting inside of them. Aside from the damage they can do to your home, animals can also carry disease, so it’s wise to invest in a gutter system that deters their presence.

Seamless Gutter Installation

Three words: Hire a professional. Though it can be tempting to go the do-it-yourself route, especially if you’re already spending quite a bit in the gutters in the first place, take it from the professionals: Our services exist for a reason.

Don’t try to cobble together from a few internet articles what it takes a professional years on the job to learn properly. We know paying for help is an investment, but gutters are crucial to your home’s longevity. You can’t afford a poor installation job.

  • Poorly installed gutters can play a role in your basement’s flooding. It’s every Minnesotan’s worst nightmare. As the copious amount of winter snow melts, water slowly leaches into your basement, until you wake one morning to that horrid squish beneath your feet. Anyone can tell you how stressful it is recovering from a flooded basement – the water removal process alone can take hours, and let’s not mention the lingering threat of mold infestation. Get your gutters done right by Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors and save yourself the hassle.
  • Poorly installed gutters open the door for pests. It’s not only the type of gutter which affects its relationship with pests. If your downspout is improperly placed, for example, in extremely rainy weather, your gutter system could back up, which opens the door for mosquitos to nest in the standing water. In other circumstances, taking shortcuts while installing can leave the bare wood of your roof exposed, and exposed wood is the perfect place for termites to take up residence. Rest easy and hire a professional to do the work, instead of worrying that you might be contributing to your home’s demise.
  • Professional gutter installation keeps you safe. Everything from ladders to saws must be used in gutter installation. Taking a nasty fall from a ladder as you strain to work unfamiliar tools could result in a concussion or worse. Save yourself the medical bills: the professionals at Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors would be happy to take care of your gutters. With our over 40 years of experience, we know safety like the back of our hands.

Contact Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors for Top-Notch Gutter Installation

Play it safe and hire us for seamless gutter installation. We’re a Sauk Rapids team of roofing contractors, gutter installers, and everything in between. With our huge in-house team as well as our extensive experience, we strive to serve as our community’s preferred exterior contractor. Request a quote at 320-252-9086.


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