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Sliding windows look great in any home’s design. These simplistic windows can be used for upper level rooms or can be used as sliding basement windows. Because they are simply designed, they are compatible with virtually any decor and be customized to further match your home’s style.

Also known as gliding windows, sliding windows move horizontally in their tracks from side-to-side. Essentially, they are nearly the same as double-hung windows, with the exception being they open horizontally instead of vertically. Our licensed, certified contractors can complete any home exterior project, whether it is siding, roofing, or window installation.

Here, our team at Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors will walk you through the benefits of sliding windows.

The Benefits of Sliding Windows

Like every other window type, sliding windows have their own unique advantages. These simplistic windows are great for any design and home style. Additionally, they can be further customized for special circumstances.

Here are some of the additional benefits of sliding windows.

Energy & Cost-Efficiency

Sliding windows are designed to be cost and energy-efficient. Because of the way they are made, they have a tight seal and repel air from outside your home while trapping the air within your home so it stays at its designated temperature. By retaining the air within your home, you can save on energy costs, as you will no longer have to continuously adjust your heat or air to accommodate for drafty windows and doors.

Lasting Durability

Unlike other windows, sliding windows do not rely on springs or pulleys to open and close. Since these windows do not rely on other components to function, they have a long lifespan and are commonly seen as one of the most durable windows on the market. Additionally, we can glaze the windows to enhance their already strong durability. Cleaning and treating the window track a few times per year helps enhance the life of your window, as well.

Simple Maintenance

These cost-effective windows are relatively maintenance-free because they do not have as many mechanisms as other types of windows. Through their lifespan, the primary maintenance required on these windows involves cleaning and lubricating the tracks a handful of times per year.

Simple Functionality

Plastic and aluminum sliding windows are as easy to open as they seem. They slide from side-to-side with ease, which makes them simple for most people to use. If your sliding windows seem to be sticking, you simply need to clean and maintain the top and bottom window track.

Windows You Can Count On

Since we opened for business in 1973, we have been providing you with the highest quality services and products on the market. We work with each customer step-by-step to ensure they get the best service and final results possible.

We use Walsh Windows out of Duluth, Minnesota for all of our window installation and replacement needs, and have partnered with Walsh for over 30 years. We use this company because of its quality reputation and its ability to customize each window to the exact specifications of your home and your stylistic dreams. To learn more about Walsh Windows, contact our team today. 

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