Vinyl vs. Steel Siding

Vinyl vs. Steel Siding

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Deciding which siding is right for your house can be difficult, but by consulting an expert, you can find the perfect material. At Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors, we carry several types of siding materials, but we will discuss two today to help you decide which is the best option for your home. While you want to get the best look for your home, you also want to improve its value if you choose to sell it one day. For these reasons, among others, you need to do your research to discover the best option for you. Here, our licensed contractors will discuss the differences between two of our siding materialsvinyl and steel siding—so you can decide if either of those options is right for you.

Vinyl Siding

In today’s market, vinyl siding is one of the most popular options for homeowners across the country for a variety of reasons. Vinyl siding is extremely versatile and is relatively cost-effective compared to other siding materials. Vinyl siding is one of the most durable and highest quality products available. Additional benefits of vinyl siding include:

Energy Efficient

Through several studies, vinyl siding has been proven to save homeowners on energy costs. With the way it is built and its various characteristics, vinyl siding is able to trap air inside your home while repelling unwanted air and the elements. Vinyl siding is one of the top-tier siding materials available, and it is proven to reduce the home’s energy costs by up to 50% in some cases. While steel siding has some energy-efficient and insulative qualities, it does not equal those of vinyl siding.

Ability to be Customized

Vinyl siding can be custom-cut and designed to meet your every design wish. Vinyl siding comes in a plethora of colors which allow you to get the exact look you want for your home. The design possibilities are truly endless when you choose vinyl siding for your home, and you can consult with your contractor or a designer to help determine what looks you can accomplish with vinyl siding.

More Affordable Than the Rest

Possibly one of the most important benefits of vinyl siding is that it is more cost-effective than other types of roofing materials. While siding of all kinds is expensive, vinyl siding is on the lower end of the spectrum but is just as durable as other roofing materials.

Steel Siding

Steel siding is one of the most, if not the most, lasting siding products available in today’s market. Every siding material is proven to last for several years and built to improve your home. However, we often see steel siding as a very popular choice for many homeowners over other products for a variety of reasons. Some of the many benefits that come with steel siding include:

Environmentally Friendly

Unlike many other siding materials, steel siding can almost always be recycled. The ability to reuse and reconstruct steel siding after it’s finished being used on a home makes it a popular option for many homeowners who are committed to long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and sustainable products.

Weather and Extreme Event Durability

Unlike other metals, like aluminum, steel is not easily damaged by harsh weather conditions, like hail. Because of its extreme durability in the harsh weather events we experience year-round in Minnesota, steel siding is a great choice for any homeowner. Additionally, steel siding’s extreme durability allows it to withstand other extreme events to a certain point, like fires, rot, and most types of severe weather events.

Little Maintenance

Steel is one of the most durable metals on the planet, and when used to protect homes, it has been proven to last for decades and requires very little maintenance through that time. As stated above, it would take an unprecedented amount of force to chip, peel, fade, or warp your steel siding. In the case of a tornado, hurricane, or another natural phenomenon, it can be more easily damaged, but when it comes to far more common occurrences, like hail, it is difficult to damage steel siding.  Even if the steel siding is slightly damaged or the paint chips over time, it can be repainted easily to look brand new. If your siding is slightly damaged due to extreme weather. When you have steel siding installed at your home, you likely will never have to provide any sort of maintenance other than the occasional cleaning.

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