Does New Siding Add to Your Home’s Resale Value?

Does New Siding Add to Your Home’s Resale Value?

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If you’re selling your home during these tumultuous times, we at Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors commend you. It isn’t easy going on the market on a good day, but with so much happening in the world now, it’s even harder! Kudos to you for seizing the day and putting your best foot forward when it comes to selling your house.

Of course you want to get as much money for your home as possible, hence your cleaning, landscaping, and enhancing your home’s strong points, especially when it comes to its exterior aspects. Does your home have an awesome new deck that’s perfect for spending the summer on? Have you recently enlisted a roofing contractor to construct a brand new metal roof? Exterior renovations can definitely serve as an attractive selling point to buyers, which brings us to the point of this blog post.

Can new siding increase your home’s selling price?

3 Ways New Siding Can Increase Resale Value

Yes, new siding can boost your home’s resale value. This is because, regardless of the type, new siding:

  1. Boosts curb appeal. This is especially true if your current siding is water-stained or worn-out. New siding can set your home apart on an aesthetic level if other homes in the area aren’t as well-kept, and it can bring it up to the level of surrounding properties if it is currently lagging behind. Look into current trends in home exteriors to best maximize this benefit and consider consulting a professional realtor if you’re stuck.
  • Protects the home from harm. Stronger types of siding, like steel siding, are particularly adept in this respect. Alongside roofing, siding is your home’s number one defense against every external force of harm: mold, insects, water, fire, you name it. Seeing new siding on a home can put a potential buyer’s mind at ease, because they know that their investment has the strength needed to keep their family and belongings healthy and safe.
  • Can save the new homeowner hassle. Should the potential buyer see old and degraded siding, they might cringe at the thought of replacing it themselves. (If they haven’t heard of the awesome siding company that is Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors, that is!) Picking colors, selecting materials, finding the right contractor – for a new homeowner who has just moved, all of this can be quite stressful. Do your potential buyer a favor and give them the ready-to-live-in house you’d want to purchase for your family.

If you’re ready to put new siding on your home to get it sold for a higher amount ASAP: hang on a second. While siding can and often is a great investment for many homeowners who are selling, what you get out of the purchase can vary according to:

  • Area trends. Just like any industry, the real estate field goes through trends. In other words, how much you can expect to get back from your siding project can vary depending on what’s in demand. Contact a reputable realtor for advice in this area.
  • What kind of siding you put on. Generally speaking, the more you spend on your siding, the more you can expect to have your home’s resale value boosted. This can make metal siding and the like solid investments. Again, this can depend on what’s trending in the area, so contact your realtor or an experienced siding company for how this affects your case specifically.   
  • What the neighborhood looks like. Sometimes buyers don’t want a conspicuous-in-a-bad-way home – one that sticks out from all the others. You might be wise to look at the rest of your neighborhood and see what kinds of siding they’ve invested in, and follow suit. Of course, this isn’t a hard-and-fast rule, so a realtor might be able to tell you what the best choice is for your area. Do you want to blend in or stand out?
  • Your surrounding climate. If you live in a climate like Minnesota’s that has wildly fluctuating humidity levels, buyers and the realtors who assist them might balk at a vulnerable siding type like wood siding. Likewise, they might appreciate the inflexibility and strength of steel siding or vinyl siding. Where you live directly affects what type of strain the siding is subjected to, which directly affects how long it will last and what kinds of maintenance are required for its upkeep, which in turn can directly affect how your buyer feels about it.

Schedule a Personal Consultation to Make an Informed Decision

Our certified and licensed siding contractors at Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors can install a variety of siding types for your design dreams. We pride ourselves on carrying the best, newest, and most energy-efficient products for your installation or replacement needs.

As a Sauk Rapids siding company, we’ve helped many Minnesota homeowners find the perfect siding for their needs, and we’d be happy to do the same for you. Should you and your realtor decide that siding is a worthwhile investment, we’d be happy to help you narrow your options down and to begin work. Give us a call now at 320-252-9086.

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