Steel Siding or Vinyl Siding: Which is Right for Me?

Steel Siding or Vinyl Siding: Which is Right for Me?

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If your home is in need of new siding, it’s time to get excited! While many homeowners dread putting the money into such an expensive household renovation, we at Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors say it’s a time to celebrate. Siding of any sort is a valuable investment in the longevity of your home; it protects it from all kinds of precipitation, which includes our snow-heavy Minnesota winters and stormy summers. It also keeps your home safe from a variety of mold and moisture problems.

While no one kind of siding is inherently better than another, certain types of siding are better fits for some lifestyles, certain ideal maintenance levels, and specific budgets. It all can be quite overwhelming, but Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors is here to help. While we always recommend a personalized consultation so as to better understand your needs, below, we’ll discuss two types of siding—vinyl siding and steel siding—to help you determine what might fit your home better.

Vinyl Siding: Versatile and Affordable

Vinyl siding is extremely common, and it’s well-known for its affordability. If you’ve ever taken a drive through American suburbia, chances are many of the houses you see there have undergone vinyl siding installation. But don’t write vinyl siding off as “the economy option!” It’s true, it’s affordable and widely used, but it’s widely used for a reason. Modern vinyl siding is tough and fade-resistant, and it comes in a variety of colors and styles, which makes self-expression easy.

Vinyl Siding Installation Is Affordable

Vinyl siding offers great protection for the amount you pay for it. For homeowners who experience economic barriers to siding installation and hesitate to contact any siding companies whatsoever, the idea of an affordable solution that protects their home and suits their aesthetic needs is extremely appealing. Everyone should have a home that protects their family from mold, wind, and rain, and vinyl siding makes this possible for a variety of income levels.

Vinyl Siding Installation Is Great for HOA Homes

Depending on the HOA, the organization can place restraints on what type of siding you can and cannot have. Since vinyl siding is a classic choice, and one that fits in with a variety of neighborhood looks, it can be a safe choice for those looking for a conservative stylistic option. Always make sure you look into your neighborhood’s regulations and get approval from the architectural committee first!

Vinyl Siding Installation Is Awesome for Stylistic Expression

As stated above, though vinyl siding doesn’t need to conform when it comes to looks, it’s available in countless bright colors, from pink to blue to red. If you’re the type who wants to make a bold statement with your incoming home renovation, vinyl siding can be an ideal choice.

Plus, that expression is bound to last; while you can paint your siding if you choose, as we cover in our siding company blog, it shouldn’t need it. According to The Spruce, its color is “baked-in,” meaning there are few, if any, situations where you should need to pick up a brush.

Steel Siding: As Tough as Its Name Implies

Steel siding on houses? Yes, it’s a thing! While many homeowners today associate steel siding with pole barns or industrial buildings, the industry has evolved and changed so much that steel siding is now available for residential use. Steel siding is primarily known for its toughness and resistance to physical damage. Though it might cost you a little more than vinyl siding, it makes up for it in its longevity. In terms of aesthetics, it’s both sleek and unique!

Steel Siding Is Awesome for Modern Architectural Styles

Though steel siding, like vinyl siding, comes in many different styles and colors, it looks particularly striking on homes that have a modern flair. If you’re looking to stand out and be the envy of the neighborhood, steel siding is definitely the way to go.

Steel Siding Is Amazingly Low-Maintenance

Steel siding truly comes out on top when it comes to low-maintenance beauty. Because it’s so tough against everything from sun damage to the wayward tree branch, you’re unlikely to have to pay for much care when you invest in steel siding.

Steel Siding Is Terrifically Long-Lasting

While both vinyl siding and steel siding are long-lasting, steel siding is often seen as the better option for homeowners who are looking for a product that’s with them for the long haul. You’ll get decades-worth out of both products, and both can be backed by warranties, but it’s hard to beat the superior strength of steel.

Steel Siding Subtypes

Even if you’re set on steel siding, it’s important to know that you still have a decision to make: do you go seamed or seamless? Indeed, steel siding comes in two primary categories, and while they both boast the durability of metal, their shapes mean that they each perform a little bit differently. Much like the differences between vinyl siding and steel siding as a whole, one subtype isn’t better than the other—they just have different strengths.

Seamless Steel Siding

Similarly to seamless gutters, seamless steel siding is made out of large pieces that only have connectors at the joints. This lends your home a sleek, polished appearance—though it can still look like lapping if you so choose.

It also boasts supreme ease-of-installation, as it’s ordered in exactitudes to fit your home’s unique shape. On top of all of that, pests find this type of siding nearly impenetrable, as it lacks the spacing that planks of siding have. While all siding types will protect your home from wildlife if properly cared for and maintained, metal siding is an exceptional option if you’ve historically dealt with unwelcome houseguests.

Standard Steel Siding

If you’re looking for the durability of metal but in a more traditional installation method, standard steel siding is perfect for you. Boasting all the strength of its material but in a form that’s tried and true, it’s phenomenal for homeowners who want to stick to tradition while embracing a less common siding material.

Standard steel siding is an amazing stylistic chameleon, too. It comes in a huge variety of colors and textures, which means that it can easily mimic more commonly seen siding types. Not that steel siding is something to be hidden—on its own it can be a showstopper, as we prove in our gallery! It just can mimic other siding types if need be while eliminating their issues with metal’s supreme strength.

Still In-Between Styles? Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors is Ready to Help

Our Sauk Rapids office would be glad to help find the perfect siding for your needs—and start on the project while we’re at it! Give us a call now at 320-252-9086.

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