Wood vs. Vinyl Windows: Which Window Type is Best?

Wood vs. Vinyl Windows: Which Window Type is Best?

Imagine a house without windows. Without any natural light, it’d probably feel like living in a cave. Though you could most likely see with the help of electricity, nothing beats the warmth and atmosphere of the natural sun.

A house without windows simply wouldn’t feel inviting or comfortable. Aside from providing your home with much-needed sunlight, windows serve countless other functions. In fact, they are much more important to a comfortable and functional house than you might think.

  • Windows can make your home more energy-efficient. By letting in the sunlight in the wintertime, the right kind of windows can help heat your home, saving you money on utility costs. On the other hand, an open window in the spring or summer can improve air circulation throughout the house, which can in turn help to cool it. This can cut down on how much you pay for air conditioning.
  • Windows are a statement of style. Just like siding, roofing, and other aspects of your home’s exterior, windows come in countless styles and shapes. From massive bay windows that help light up a room to the ever-stylish casement windows, installing the right kind of window can transform your home inside and out. Go from old-style and rustic to modern and chic in a snap with the help of window contractors in your area.
  • Windows help keep your carbon footprint down. We’ve already talked about how windows can help heat and cool your home, and how that can save you money. But have you imagined the effect this can have on the environment? Heating and cooling are responsible for a great portion of the energy expenditure of many households. With energy-efficient windows installed professionally, you can decrease your carbon footprint.

Windows often come in wood or vinyl. Which window type is best for your home? The style you select will affect what your windows can do for your home, from the aesthetic to their influence on heating and cooling bills.

Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors is here to answer all of your window questions. As a window replacement company, we’re proud to use vinyl windows for all the benefits they bring with them.

Why We Recommend Vinyl Windows Over Wood

Vinyl windows are a fixture of many American homes today. Perhaps this is due to their versatility; There’s little vinyl windows can’t do from an aesthetic standpoint, and from a functional standpoint, they exceed where other window types fail.

Besides being a great fit for a variety of households, vinyl windows offer many benefits:

  • Vinyl windows are stylish and fashion-forward. Though the words “vinyl” and “stylish” probably don’t readily associate in your mind, when it comes to windows, vinyl means versatility. Available in a wide range of colors (blue, white, brown, and green, to name a few) and shapes, there’s a vinyl window for every style and every purpose. Bay windows? Casement windows? You name it and vinyl frames can make them shine.
  • You can recycle vinyl windows. Ready for a change? You don’t need to feel guilty about throwing all your window frames in the trash. Vinyl is recyclable! (Check with your local recycling company for details.) Combine this with a window’s inherent ability to help regulate your home’s temperature, and you can feel good about your environmental impact.
  • Vinyl windows are cost-effective. Compared to wood windows, vinyl windows are cheap to install and replace. They’re also typically better insulators, helping your home maintain its internal temperature when the windows are shut and saving you money on heating and cooling. Plus, because vinyl windows are so low maintenance, you’re unlikely to invest much at all beyond the initial window installation.

Need assistance choosing the best windows for your project? Our experienced Sauk Rapids team of window installers is ready and waiting to help. For solution-focused and customer-friendly window help, call us now at 320-252-9086.


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