How New Windows Can Save You Money

How New Windows Can Save You Money

In recent years, many companies have begun installing energy-efficient windows into homes to reduce energy costs for their customers. At Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors, we have been using these types of windows for years and have seen the positive impact they make. Our contractors can install a variety of window types, so you get the look you want for your home or property. 

With better energy efficiency and newer materials, window replacements are great for your budget. So, if you are wondering whether to invest in new windows or not, it’s worth considering the ways that new windows pay for themselves over time. 

Here, our team will discuss how installing new windows can save you money by increasing your home’s energy-efficiency. Let’s dive right in. 

Eliminate Drafts

When you think about replacing your home’s windows or completing a home exterior project that requires new window installation, you are probably excited about the fact your new windows will be draft-resistant. 

As windows age, the weather stripping may begin to wear, which can cause more drafts in your windows. Due to this, it is more difficult for your home to hold air inside and resist outside air, which can cause your energy costs to skyrocket. 

When we install new windows in your home, we will ensure the weatherstrips are in top condition, and the windows are properly installed to reduce the chance of drafts infiltrating your home. With fewer drafts, your home will be less impacted by the outside temperatures, which means you won’t spend more money turning the thermostat up and down.

Get Better Insulation

Many of the window types and brands we carry offer new insulation properties not seen in previous windows. Each of the windows we carry offers different properties designed to help you run a more efficient household.

In addition to better-quality weatherstrips, many windows now come with multiple panes of glass. Some have two, while others have three or more. Additionally, some of the glass is treated, so it becomes low-E3 glass. This type of glass helps your home retain the air within while resisting air from outside. 

Make Your Home More Valuable

While new windows can save you money on your utility bills, they also have another kind of value. If you’re planning to sell your home in the near future, new windows are a great selling point to attract potential buyers. 

With upgraded windows, your home will look better and boost eco-friendly features. This can help you make thousands of more dollars when you put the house up for sale. 

5 Types of Windows to Consider 

At Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors, our certified contractors can install a variety of windows at your home or property to help you get the look you want at a price you can afford. We offer many types of window installations, as well as various options for door installations. 

Each of the products we use is certified to reduce energy costs and help you maintain the level of comfort you want in your home. 

Here are the types of windows we install:

  1. Bay Windows
  2. Casement Windows
  3. Double-Hung Windows
  4. Slider Windows
  5. Egress Windows

If you’re curious about the differences between some of these window types, check out this guide here

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