How to Choose the Best Roof for Your Home

How to Choose the Best Roof for Your Home

A new roof is an investment—but a worthwhile one, that’s for sure! Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors would like to humbly congratulate you on your decision to take the plunge and hire a team of roofers. When you pick the right roof for your home and pay for a job well done, you’ll be left with a gorgeous piece of exterior renovation that will serve your home and family faithfully for years.

That’s just the thing, though – how do you pick the right roof for your needs? There are simply so many types of roofing materials and so many colors, sizes, textures, and styles to choose from.

Choosing a roof you’ll be living with for the next couple of decades, or more can feel overwhelming, especially for the first-time roofing buyer. No fear – here are a few tips on choosing the right roofing material and the right contractor so that you end up with the best roof for your home at the end of the day.

Step One: Find a Great Roofing Contractor

An experienced roofing contractor will help you find the right roofing material. That’s part of their job, after all: attending to your needs on a personal basis so that you end up happy with your purchase. Of course, how individual contractors go about this varies, but our decades spent in the industry have taught us what the right contractor will do to familiarize themselves with and take care of your needs.

A Good Contractor Won’t Skip the Consultations

A crucial part of the roofing process actually takes place before the builders even set foot above your head. The right contractor for you will understand this and spare no effort when it comes to, well, planning the planning portion of the job. How else, after all, could they help you find the right kind of roof for you? Always schedule a consultation and get a quote before any work is done to your roof.

A Good Contractor Has Experience in the Industry

While we at Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors value new talent, talent that has been tempered by time will almost always give you better results. Roofing is multifaceted and complex; a lot more goes into it than simply hammering shingles down. The right contractor understands the worth of experience and will be forthright if your needs are something that their experience can’t handle, an ability that’s honed by project after project.

You luckily won’t run into any problems with Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors – we’ve been open for business since 1973!

A Good Contractor Truly Cares

As physical as the job is, roofing is a service – the contractor is working to satisfy your needs. Great service boils down to truly caring about the client. The right roofing contractor will appear focused and attentive to show they care, nudging you towards solutions instead of declaring them. If they discourage you from a given roofing choice, they should gently explain why.

Step Two: Find the Right Roofing Material

Recruit your contractor’s help to make the final decision, of course! That said, there’s no harm in brainstorming. While the world of roofing is far too expansive to cover in a single blog post, a few well-liked materials and brands include:

Asphalt Roofing

Affordable and durable, asphalt roofing is the favorite of roofers everywhere. It comes in many colors and textures, making it a fit for nearly any home. You really can’t go wrong with it, hence why it’s so popular. Drive through any suburban neighborhood, and you’ll most likely see it as the roofing type of choice.

While it used to be seen as the “economy” choice for roofing, today’s asphalt shingles are far from the flimsy models of the past. For instance, Owens Corning, our preferred brand of asphalt shingles, has gone above and beyond to create a product that can weather the most intense storms out there: TruDefinition® DURATION STORM®, which features WeatherGuard® Technology in addition to advanced wind protection.

“Patented WeatherGuard® Technology has at its core an integrated polymeric backing material on the back of the shingles that allows the shingles to meet one of the industry’s highest classification for impact resistance,” claims the brand’s official website. In other words, this line of asphalt shingles is tough on hail damage and any other debris it might have to tangle with during a summer storm. The advanced wind protection is determined via third-party testing; you can feel good knowing that an unbiased source has ensured your asphalt shingles’ strength.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing isn’t just for pole-barns! Sleek and sophisticated modern designs have thrust this roofing type into the limelight in the residential sphere. As you can imagine, it’s supremely physically strong, able to resist hail storms and harsh winds alike. Like asphalt roofing, it’s available in seemingly countless colors and designs. Certain types, too, can help you save on your cooling bills in the summer.

Metal roofing comes in a variety of categories and models. Shingles, for instance, mimic traditional roofing looks, but in a durable, sleek material. Panels bring a modern flair to any home. Stone-coated steel roofing, finally, delivers the luxurious aesthetic of slate but at a fraction of the price and weight—the latter of which being a concern with certain roof structures, which are only designed to carry so much.

At Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors, we’re proud partners with Fabral metal roofing. The official website states that their products offer 40+ years of protection, and that they are lightweight, weather-resistant, and environmentally friendly. The company has a long history of supplying metal roofing for both commercial and residential products, which demonstrates not only metal roofing’s versatility, but a brand commitment to providing a hardworking, universally functional product. With everything from off-white to bold reds available, it is universally functional in the cosmetic sense as well.

If you’re seriously considering metal roofing, we recommend reading our blog on the subject, which brings up five key benefits and things to know before installation.

Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors Brings You the Best Contractors and the Best Roofing Materials

No matter if you’re seeking metal or asphalt roofing, our Sauk Rapids team would love to give your home the renovation of your dreams. Give us a call today at 320-252-9086.


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