How to Choose the Right Roofing for a Minnesotan Winter

How to Choose the Right Roofing for a Minnesotan Winter

If you’re Minnesotans like we are at Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors, you know all too well that our climate is… unique, to put it lightly. From our sweltering summers to wildly capricious autumns, the people and the structures that call this state home have a whole lot to put up with if they want to remain there long.

Most notable of all, though, especially to those from out of state, is the harshness inherent to our winters. It gets cold enough here to gum up diesel fuel, and it’s not uncommon to have to wade through the snow to get to the bus stop, even after the plows have come through. Indeed, anything here must be made of tough stuff in order to take the wintertime!

Minnesota Weather & Your Roof

That, of course, includes your roofing. After all, your roof serves an important function—protecting your family from outside elements. It can aid in keeping your home safe and warm.

Without a strong roof from a competent roofing contractor, no family, no matter how Minnesotan they are, could stand even a single rainy summer here, let alone a frigid winter! Such roofing can contribute to various health hazards, including illness from mold problems and direct physical injury.

Don’t start to panic just yet, though; if your roofing was installed by local roofing companies who know both the climate and their craft, you’ve most likely got nothing to worry about.

Indeed, if your roofing was done by Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors of Sauk Rapids, your roof will stand strong throughout the colder months, provided you’ve properly cared for it. Our expertise, knowledge of the climate, and service-minded approach to business make us ideal for Minnesota residential roofing projects everywhere.

We’ve been in business since 1973.

Since the 70s, we’ve been working hard to cater to your roofing needs. Over the years, we’ve refined our techniques, learned from industry advancements, and changed our approaches to doing business to serve you better.

In fact, nearly all of our teams are in-house, an aspect we’ve learned through experience that, in most situations, delivers better results than outsourcing.

We’re Minnesotans through and through.

Being based in Sauk Rapids and having served Minnesota for decades, we know the climate like the back of our hands. We know how wild things get around here, and we’ve worked in this climate long enough to master roofing techniques that can defend against it.

When you need a Minnesotan roofing job, hire a Minnesotan roofing contractor!

We’re dedicated to serving you.

Working in roofing is more than climbing up there and hammering shingles down; it’s helping the customer through a very significant investment and showing them the roofing option that’s perfect for their unique situation.

At Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors, we’re devoted to our customers, providing clear answers to any question and helping you find what you need, even if it isn’t with us.

Learn More From Our Roofing Experts

Indeed, pursuing a local roof repair and roofing contractor company for your roof is crucial to upholding your roof through Minnesota’s harsh winter climate. However, that being said, some roofing types possess inherent qualities that make them better fits for Minnesota winters than others.

So what’s a roofing contractor’s top pick for your new Minnesotan roof?

Metal Roofing: A Top-Notch Choice for the Savvy Minnesotan

Metal roofing is our top-quality recommendation for the weather-conscious Minnesotan household (read: all of them!). Though every situation is unique and asphalt roofing also has merits, metal roofing really shines in a cold climate for these three reasons.

Its slippery nature means you won’t need to deal with much snow load.

While houses here should be constructed to handle the snow so endemic to the area, too much of it is terrible for any roofing. There’s no need to put excessive stress on it, after all! Metal roofing is smooth, unlike other roofing types, meaning snow is likely to slide right off of it instead of contributing to additional structural strain.

If you’re worried about excessive snow accumulating on your landscaping, think about investing in snow retention systems to compensate.

Unparalleled strength for an unparalleled climate.

There’s no question about it: nothing is stronger than metal. If you need a roof fit to stand up against our wintertime sleet and high winds, look no further than metal roofing.

Low-fuss maintenance requirements make this roofing ideal.

You’ve already got enough on your plate regarding around-the-house maintenance; if anything falls behind, our harsh climate will let you know!

Metal roofing is shockingly low maintenance when compared to other roofing types, so if our crazy weather has you running ragged to keep on top of exterior chores, metal roofing might be the solution.

Asphalt Roofs: Another Excellent Choice

While metal rooftops are a durable, wise option for withstanding Minnesota winters, they aren’t the only good selection. Another roofing material to consider is asphalt. While they might not last as long as metal roofs, there are many reasons why asphalt roofs are the most popular choice throughout the country.


Metal roofs and similar options last a bit longer, but they are usually more expensive. If you’re on a budget, an asphalt roof will still protect your home from harsh weather while being easier on your wallet.


Asphalt shingles come in many designs and styles. So, regardless of your home’s exterior design or your personal style, you’ll find an option that looks great.


When it comes to Minnesota weather, you want to be protected from both the cold in the winter and the heat in the summer. So, a rooftop that can withstand storm damage and keep your home insulated is critical. Asphalt roofing is installed using a system that’s meant to keep your home secure from outdoor temperatures. So, you will help the environment and lower your energy bill.

If asphalt shingles sound like an excellent option to replace your old roof, contact Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors to learn more about our selection.


Contact Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors for Stellar Metal Roofing Installation

If you need help choosing which kind of roof to get or have any other questions, our team is happy to help. Good metal roofing contractors are hard to find, so go with one who has already explained why they’re the perfect fit. Give our Sauk Rapids office a call now at 320-252-9086.


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