Three Top Types of Siding for Homeowners Looking to Sell

Three Top Types of Siding for Homeowners Looking to Sell

It’s no secret that the real estate market is hot right now; homeowners everywhere are jumping on the bandwagon and using that market to move on up in the world. However, this also means that if you are looking to sell your home, that home must stand out among the crowd, or it risks being overlooked in favor of flashier counterparts.

One thing, though, that’s guaranteed to bring a little flair to your for-sale abode: a new siding installation from a top-notch siding company. Not only does it make your property more eye-catching, but its ROI is particularly high, as far as exterior renovations are concerned—and that high ROI has “held steady” throughout the years, according to SFGate. No matter what the market looks like, you can rest easy knowing that new siding can help get your home sold quickly.

That being said, some siding projects accomplish this better than others, and it’s critical to thoroughly think your material of choice over before you commit. Tony’s Lifetime Exteriors, your Sauk Rapids siding contractors, is here to help you sell your home in a flash. Below, we’ll detail our top siding picks for homeowners looking to sell their property.

Vinyl Siding Installations

Budget-friendly and universally appreciated as far as looks go, vinyl siding is a great way to attract potential buyers and showcase your home’s architectural beauty. It’s a popular siding type for homeowners who aren’t looking to sell, too, for many of the same reasons that a potential buyer would appreciate it.

For one, it’s low-fuss and low maintenance. Unless the future occupant in question enjoys constantly monitoring their exterior, as would need to be the case with pure wood siding, fresh vinyl is therefore a significant draw. Fretting about storm damage is usually enough for the average homeowner; few appreciate any additional stress when it comes to exterior maintenance.

Secondly, it’s available in a wide variety of colors, from trendy blues to classic hues. This makes it an incredibly versatile tool whether you’re looking to corner a specific market niche or appeal to a broader audience. Some homes sell quicker and for more when they’re thoroughly modernized, while others do better when they’re more universally appealing, and vinyl siding can cater to both approaches.

Finally, modern vinyl siding installations prioritize energy efficiency and sustainability. Potential buyers will appreciate their lower energy bills, as vinyl siding is a great insulator. They’ll also feel good knowing that, should their siding eventually need replacement, it can be recycled.

Engineered Wood Siding

According to Realty Digital Marketing, engineered wood siding “easily blends in with newer homes.” This isn’t a bad thing—engineered wood siding thus has a way of making older homes look newer. If your house is struggling to appeal to potential buyers on account of its age, perhaps engineered wood will give it the facelift it needs.

Of course, this siding type has its fair share of practical benefits for the potential buyer, too. It’s not all about the curb appeal—though, let’s be honest: our favorite brand LP Smartside makes some pretty gorgeous products! From shakes to panels, the siding company produces an engineered wood siding type for any style, making it just as aesthetically versatile as vinyl—but we digress.

Indeed, engineered wood siding is tough. Thanks to this brand’s proprietary blend of zinc borate, resins, waxes, and an overlay, it proves itself resistant to everything from rot to the extreme freeze/thaw swings our state is so well-known for. For the high-budget buyer who will have nothing but the best to protect their new investment, LP Siding brings that to the table alongside its unbeatable curb appeal.

Steel Siding

Another modern siding favorite: steel siding. Just like engineered wood siding, it’s durable as all get out, meaning that buyers will be put at ease, knowing the potential property is as protected as protected gets. What’s stronger than metal, anyway?

Steel siding also, like vinyl siding installation, is low-maintenance.Indeed, it should never need painting or warp repair over the course of its lifespan. Plus, buyers don’t need to protect it from fading, as steel siding is resistant to that, too. It’s no-fuss beauty that lasts for decades—what potential buyer wouldn’t want that?

Finally, as is probably implied by its material, steel siding is among the most long-lasting of siding types. When properly installed and maintained, some sources say that it can last up to fifty years! For interested parties looking for a steadfast, reliable exterior that stands strong throughout the years, there’s nothing better than steel siding.

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